Genesis Filtration, Inc.

Your Partner for Custom-Made Precision Industrial Fluid Clarification Products

AS9100 Rev D by NSF-ISR and ITAR Certified

Custom Filter Manufacturing Facility in Boise, Idaho

Custom Filter Manufacturing and Inspection Services

Welcome to Genesis Filtration, your premier destination for custom and comprehensive filtration solutions. Our extensive range of fluid clarification products caters to aerospace, automotive, Military and defense, and many more industrial applications.

We are your source for manufactured components such as reinforced and non-reinforced filter blanks, filter discs, fitting ends, filter elements, filters, threaded inserts, screens, breathers, wire cloth stamping, wire cloth, and strainers.

Genesis Filtration brings together a team of seasoned professionals with over fifty years of combined experience in aerospace and industrial filtration manufacturing to provide you with unmatched service.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our AS9100 Rev D by NSF-ISR and ITAR  certifications, ensuring that our manufacturing processes adhere to the highest quality standards.

Beyond manufacturing, we offer a suite of inspection services, including bubble point tests, comparator checks, caliper measurements, and microscopic examinations.

At Genesis Filtration, we pride ourselves on going beyond specifications, creating custom filtration solutions tailored to your unique needs. We are well-equipped to address even the most challenging filtration requirements. Choose Genesis Filtration as your trusted partner for top-notch filtration products, competitive pricing, and just-in-time delivery.

Manufacturing Capabilities

* Resistance Welding
* CNC Lathe Machining
* Laser Marking
* Precision Shearing of Material
* Punching Filter Discs
* Forming Sheet Metal (End Caps and End Flanges)
* Tumble Deburring
* Ultrasonic Cleaning
* Pleating Mesh
* Punch Press
* Precision Mill Work
* Ability to Swage/Resistance Weld Filters Into Fittings/Housings

Inspection Capabilities

* Bubble Point Test per ARP901
* Comparator
* Calipers
* Micrometers
* Microscopes
* Pins
* Thread Gages
* 3rd party testing or product available.

Genesis Filtration can also provide the following materials and services

* Just in Time Delivery
* Comparator
* Dock-to-Stock Delivery
* Expedited Delivery
* DFARS Compliant Material Sintered Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
* Pins
* Various Micron Ratings Stocked In-House
* Machined Parts Made from Aluminum or Stainless Steel

Typical Lead Time
* 4-6 weeks on filter discs
* 8-10 weeks on machined hardware.
(Dependent on material type/availability)
Stainless Steel Mesh Filters from Genesis Filtration

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